Because every product is important, Octogone is here for you

Products module

Our platform revolves around your products, offering various management modules to streamline your operations. Whether you’re in the food, beverage, or supply industry, Octogone enables you to create comprehensive cards with essential and valuable information for effective management. With our system, you can easily classify, organize, and conduct inventory of your products faster than ever before.

Create comprehensive information sheets for each of your products.

Moreover, our system allows you to effortlessly identify allergens and automatically display them in your recipes.

Identify the various locations where your products are located effortlessly.

Optimize your search capabilities with personalized labels for enhanced efficiency.

Streamline the management of formats and units of measure with advanced features.

Tailor your own custom formats to meet your specific needs.

Generate comprehensive reports and calculate processing losses accurately.

Effectively handle multiple suppliers with different formats.

Efficiently manage costs and selling prices for each unit of measure.


Track your inventories by period, distinguishing each one.

Create multiple entry lists within a single inventory for better organization.

Increase productivity by conducting inventory-taking with multiple team members.

Seamlessly continue working even without an internet connection.

Add new products to your existing inventory seamlessly.

Monitor the real-time progress of your inventory-taking process.

Compare inventories, analyze statistics, and generate comprehensive reports effortlessly.